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Railway bridges

Historical, but still used, twin railway bridges. They were built in the 19th century when the rail tracks reached Olsztyn and when the railway junction was located there. They are the only railway passage over the Łyna River in Olsztyn.

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The shrine of Our Lady of Scapular

The shrine for the village of Jaroty (currently a district of Olsztyn). When it was built, it belonged to the parish in Bartąg. At present the chapel is a part of the church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of the Church.

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Maria Zientara-Malewska

A poet of Warmia, a teacher and a Polish activist. She was born on 4 September 1894 in Brąswałd, as a daughter of August and Franciszka (born Kraska). Maria was educated in a German school but she also learnt Polish, taught by a priest Walenty Barczewski. Between 1921-23 Maria Zientara worked for ”Gazeta Olsztyńska”. At that time she became a member of the Union of Youth Societies in East Prussia. In 1926 she completed her education in State Teachers’ Seminar in Cracow. In 1929 she started her teaching career. Just before the war she taught in Chaberkowo, Wielki Buczek, Złotowo and Nowy Kramsk. Between 1931-33 Maria was in charge of the Department of Kindergarten and Religious Care of the Polish children from the Association of Polish Educational Societies in Berlin. In September 1939 she was arrested and sent to a concentration camp Ravensbrueck. After being released on 18 April 1940, she spent the rest of war in her home village of Brąswałd under the surveillance of Gestapo. After 1945 she worked in Olsztyn in the Education Department, she was also a member of Masurian Institute and the Polish Literary Association. After World War II she permanently resided in Olsztyn.

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Astronomical Observatory

The tower built for the needs of a modern waterworks system in Olsztyn. It was erected in the highest point of the pre-war Olsztyn and it provided water to the upper parts of the city. Currently it houses an astronomical observatory connected with a planetarium.

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Regierungsbezirk Building

The Marshal Office of Warmia and Mazury Province; the Regierungsbezirk Building

Seat of the pre-war Regierungsbezirk (equivalent to nowadays Province). After World War II State Railways took over the building. Currently it houses the Marshal Office and the Provincial Administrative Court.

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The building of the Union of Polish Architects

The only preserved timberframe building of old Olsztyn. We do not know its initial function, it was used for non- residential purposes. Presently it houses the Union of Polish Architects.

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Old Town Hall – Voivodeship Library

Three – wing building of the Olsztyn Town Hall with a preserved Gothic southern wing. Western and northern wings were constructed between 1858-59 and 1927-28. Presently a seat of a Voivodeship Library (Wojewódzka Biblioteka Publiczna im. Emilii Sukertowej-Biedrawiny).

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